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In the state of Nebraska, it is not just anyone who can legally perform the tasks associated with a legal investigation.  The state government regulates and monitors professional investigators through the secretary of state's licensing division, where applicants are carefully screened through a rigorous background investigation.  A successful candidate must be familiar with both the laws and statutes that govern the investigative industry, as well as pass a written test for proficiency.  The applicant must have an education, background, and/or experience with thousands of hours' worth of verifiable relevant experience in order to qualify for any sort of investigative license.  Licensed investigators must hold surety bonds to guarantee strict performance of their duties, and all carry state-issued identification cards.  All of this is done to protect you, the consumer, from fraud and liability.  The Magnus Group urges you to verify the identity and licensing status of anyone claiming to be a licensed professional investigator if you have any concerns.  

Our origins

The investigators of The Magnus Group come from quality educations and have served in military, law enforcement, government, private, public, and corporate settings, as well as security and previous private investigative disciplines.  Each brings a unique set of skills and qualifications to work each day, allowing for a well-rounded pool of resources from which to draw upon.

Where We Operate

We proudly consider the entire state of Nebraska to be our "back yard."  While our headquarters office is in Omaha and we have a branch office in the state capitol of Lincoln, investigators of The Magnus Group have a reputation for resilience and thoroughness that has drawn clients from as far away as Washington state and Massachusetts to resolve their Nebraska-based cases, with some being more than 400 miles from our headquarters office.  Whether across the street or across the state, we meet each challenge with the same competitive “can do” enthusiasm, much to our clients’ approval.

Willing and Able to Testify

The state-licensed investigative elements of The Magnus Group are the most educated and experienced members of our staff.  They have testified in court in previous cases with great success.  Their backgrounds stand up to high scrutiny and their credibility is not easily questioned.  We are quite capable of offering testimony under oath to our firsthand observations and experiences, thus reinforcing the results of our investigations to your clients.


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what our clients say about the magnus group

  • In the end, it's all about service.

    When a case is completed, The Magnus Group sends a satisfaction survey to the client with a series of questions, ranging from the type of service provided, to how we rated in more than one dozen individual areas, to a number rating of the client's overall level of satisfaction.  The surveys are conducted through an independent online survey company through their online presence at questionpro.com (this company is also used by such companies as Motorola, Honeywell, Microsoft, and ING). 

    According to SurveyAnalytics, The Magnus Group's overall score is 4.910 out of a possible 5.0, as illustrated by their own Overall Matrix Scorecard, as reprinted below in its raw and unedited form:








    And what do our clients have to say about our service, in their own words?  Here are some samples taken from the online survey and emails submitted by our clients themselves:

    "The quality of your investigation and the necessary detail was great." - David V, in Massachusetts

    "First time experience and far exceeded my expectations." - Earl P, in Washington state

    "I cannot say enough about Brett from The Magnus Group.  As a fellow private investigator in California, I reached out to Brett to make contact with an individual in his area.   From the beginning, Brett was a true professional.   He went above and beyond in attempting contact with the subject and kept me apprised at each step.   Once he made contact, he provided a thorough, well-written report that was not only satisfying to my clients, but assured me that Brett would the ONLY investigator I would contact in Nebraska in the future.   If you're looking for an investigator with a record of success, the highest measure of professionalism, and top notch customer service, look no further than Brett from The Magnus Group." - Anna T., in California

    "Your company is very professional." - Karla H, in Nebraska

    "[The Magnus Group] has gone above and beyond my expectations to obtain the information I requested...I was and continue to be impressed with the level of commitment.   I, without doubt, recommend The Magnus Group, Inc to anyone in need of investigative services." - Doris F, in Nebraska

    "I really appreciate your concern regarding our satisfaction and it shows a strong work ethic on your part.  I look forward to many more cases together." - Partnering private detective agency for a large insurance company, name withheld by request


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