Who We Are, How We Came to Be, and Why

The Magnus Group was formed in 2009 as the result of a simple belief: That there was a better way to conduct business in the high-risk, high-exposure world of professional investigations.  Its founders set about gathering experienced people to help create and run an agency that carried ethics and integrity at the core of its operating principles.  By bringing together a team of educated, experienced and motivated investigators all dedicated to the idea that the higher standard is both achievable and maintainable, The Magnus Group exists today as a licensed and bonded Nebraska Private Detective Agency that combines both skill and integrity, resulting in long-term relationships and a reputation for excellence that shines among our clients and the public at large.


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caring.  capable.  committed.

  • In a world where there are no absolute guarantees, The Magnus Group offers the next best thing.  We have built a second-to-none reputation in its pursuit of the truth and the results we produce.  We distinguish ourselves by treating every case as we would expect it to be handled if we ourselves were the client.  It's just that simple.


These are still the best tools that our investigators possess.  While the digital information age has taken us farther and faster than previous investigators could have ever imagined, we still believe that the human element, with its ability to empathize, embrace change, and make decisions, is still the best asset that we have.  As a rule, Magnus Group investigators take to the streets and hallways of our great state to confirm in person what information we find electronically whenever we can.  This allows us not only to verify the factual accuracy of the information we are using to drive your case,  but it gives us the opportunity to see the people involved, to look individuals in the eye, and to analyze the human impact of what is happening.  Technology will come and go, but solid personal investigative skills, applied in a boots-on-the-ground way, will always be how we can best do our jobs. 


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the magnus group credo: our distinctive DEDICATION TO YOU, our CLIENT

Because the founding members of The Magnus Group served in both the military of, and in special investigations for, the United States government, they felt it was important to codify their strengths and dedications in writing from the very beginning, so that their could never be a loss of focus when it came to their core operating principles.  This is their result:

We are The Magnus Group.

We produce timely, high-quality investigations for our clients, and provide objective and unbaised evaluations based upon the facts.

We are always open to new perceptions and ready to challenge conventional wisdoms.

We measure our success by our contributions to the client and to the public at large.

We conduct our activities and ourselves consistent with the highest standards of integrity, morality, and honor according to the spirit of our laws and that of the U.S. Constitution.

We subordinate our desire for public recognition to the need for confidentiality.

We believe our people are The Magnus Group’s most important resource. We seek the best and work to make them better, as we strive for continuous professional and personal improvement.

We give unfailing loyalty to each other and to our common purposes.

We draw our inspiration and commitment to excellence from our Latin motto “verum est validus.”

For we, too, believe that “truth is mighty.”


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We own the skills of a 21st century detective agency

In today's fast-paced, results-driven world, there are two places a detective agency can be: Number one or number none.  We prefer to be the former. The Magnus Group holds as some of its core beliefs that knowledge truly is powerful, that preparation and planning create tremendous advantages in almost any situation, and that evolving our methods alongside the progression of the investigation are the hallmarks of success.  With access to the best available information and using cutting-edge technology, The Magnus Group stands ready to be your advocate and drive your case to a successful conclusion.

  • Holding Bachelors degrees (or higher) from accredited colleges and universities
  • Decades of investigative experience in the realms of private, public, and high-end security-classified government investigations
  •  Background in statutory law and regulatory compliance at the level of multinational commerce
  • Extensive and multi-agency experience in covert domestic surveillance
  • Certified in skip tracing
  • Leaders in the industry community for leadership, advocacy, and education
  • Tried in interview techniques
  • Civil and criminal investigations


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